Hip Hop Dancing Lesson

Hip hop’s history is a unique and infinitely interesting one. Beginning on the streets of the United States in 1970, the style was primarily pioneered by dance crews before gaining mainstream exposure in the 80’s through television. Cut to our present day and hip hop is arguably one of the most immediately recognizable and prevalent forms of dance! However, ever since its humble beginnings, the style has emphasized creative freedom as well as mesmerizing and synchronized movement.

Hip hop dance is a booming art form and, if you’re interested, learning it now, after it has been given time to develop into a respected discipline all its own, is an opportunity you can’t miss! Our studio employs some incredibly passionate and experienced hip hop dancers with expertise in teaching their craft to beginners of all ages! Whether you’re looking to impress at your dance crew’s next gathering or simply want an outlet for physical activity and creative freedom, a hip hop dance class has a wealth of benefits to offer!

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